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We are commercial ventilation contractors specialising in providing first-class commercial ventilation services for almost any purpose and scale. Our expert team of ventilation professionals, with over 35 years of experience, allows us to complete work on any scale.  We offer work from smaller scale kitchen extraction fans to larger duct systems for manufacturers and multi-storey offices. We ensure to follow any strict guidelines, providing a safe and regulation solution. Focusing on delivering the highest quality solution at competitive prices, when looking for tailored turnkey ventilation companies, choose Airkool.

  • Variable air volume systems (VAV system)
  • Extraction systems for toilets, kitchens and fumes
  • Wide range of ductwork including PVC, fire rated ducting and more
  • Working across the UK
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Small or large scale work
  • Industry-leading quality at competitive prices


Our Commercial Ventilation Services

With over 60 members of staff and 35 plus years of experience, we’re able to provide a wide range of vent and ductwork for almost any project. Here are just some of the ventilation installation types we’re able to provide;

  • VAV systems - VAV or variable air volume systems are installed to regulate the volume of air within a specific area. Unlike a conventional HVAC system, VAV will control the volume of air rather than the temperature. Generally installed as part of a larger air conditioning system, a VAV system usually offers a more practical and energy efficient method of controlling air flow.
  • Extraction systems - used for a wide variety of situations including simple toilet extractor fans to large scale commercial kitchen ventilation installations and fume extractors for manufacturers. The general idea of extractors is to remove the air or particulates you don’t want for them to be replaced by fresh air.
  • Duct installation and ductwork - the actual passaging used within almost any air conditioning or heating system. Ducts allow the air to be moved to and from your system. We can provide duct ventilation system installation for almost any system. This includes PVC, fire rated, standard galvanised rectangular and spiral wound circular ductwork in fan coil systems.


Who Might Need Heating And Ventilation Companies?

Ventilation is a crucial requirement for most businesses. It can be important to ensure optimal air flow and temperature within your premises whether that be an office space, retail shop or place of manufacture. As we have over 35 years of experience and a large team of on-hand staff, we’re able to provide ventilation installation services on almost any scale.


Why Choose Airkool?

  • Exacting quality standards - we’re committed to providing the highest standards in everything we do. Our extensive range of quality accreditations are testament to the standards we uphold.
  • Knowledge and experience - our extensive in-house team of knowledgeable, experienced, highly trained and fully accredited professionals is second to none. We have all the necessary skills, experience and competencies required to deliver your project on time and on budget.
  • Capacity and reliable service - we have a team of more than 60 and a dedicated 24/7 maintenance department. You can depend on us to provide you with the responsive support you need, whenever you need it. We're also able to provide expert support for a range of other services including commercial electrician services.
  • Value for money - we offer competitive prices on a full range of products, services and support. Whatever your requirements, come to Airkool and you will benefit from the right, high quality solution, delivered at an unbeatable price.

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