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Published: 14/01/2022

Commercial refrigeration is the use of cold storage or refrigeration in a commercial setting. From chiller cabinets and reach-in refrigerators found in supermarkets to walk-in refrigerators and freezers in factories or restaurants, commercial refrigeration is probably more widely used than you think. Read all about commercial refrigeration and how we help businesses with their refrigeration needs every single day in our latest Airkool guide.


Walk-in Refrigeration and Freezer Units

These are large units that are large enough for operatives or business staff to enter and move stock or produce around. They are designed to cool or freeze products on a larger, industrial scale and are often found in factories, restaurants, or shops. Unlike many other forms of commercial refrigeration units, these are not usually visible to the public and due to the scale of these units, often require ongoing, specialised maintenance.


Chillers and Refrigerated Display Units

These are often found in shops, supermarkets, or cafes. They are designed to allow staff or customers to see products within the unit but whilst maintaining a reduced temperature. These may be an over-counter unit, often found in cafes and delicatessens or bottle coolers which can be found in shops and supermarkets. It is critical to ensure these units are serviced regularly to keep them working as efficiently as possible. Often these units contain food or beverages with reach-in freezers used in many supermarkets allowing customers to pick up their favourite frozen goods easily.


Upright Commercial Refrigeration Units

Upright refrigeration units are used in many businesses as they take up less space than a chest fridge or freezer but offer a large space for kitchens or shops to keep produce or ingredients chilled or frozen. These come in a range of different styles and specifications from stainless steel or white finish, double or triple door functionality and different sizes meaning that there is a unit for every business available. These usually store a range of perishable ingredients such as fish or meats which need to be chilled consistently, meaning finding the right specification and keeping units well-serviced are vital for performance.


Which industries use commercial refrigeration?

Many industries use refrigeration in their businesses. We are all familiar with the freezers and chiller units in supermarkets and shops but there are many more industries that use commercial refrigeration units. Many food factories or processing plants need to keep produce or ingredients fresh and therefore often use large-scale industrial units. But there are some areas such as hospitals that also use refrigeration to keep medicines at a regulated temperature for example. 


What’s the difference between commercial and domestic refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration is often on a much larger scale than a typical domestic fridge or freezer unit. With a typical unit often found in your home all the components, such as the compressor or motor, are self-contained within a single unit. However, with a commercial unit, these could potentially be found centralised in a different location to the chiller unit itself. Commercial refrigeration units are designed to be much more hardwearing than domestic units. In a business, a fridge or freezer may be opened constantly throughout the day as staff or customers require whereas at home a fridge freezer may only be opened a handful of times throughout the day. 


The internal layout of a commercial refrigeration unit is also a major difference. Whilst domestic units have multiple shelving areas and compartments, a commercial refrigeration unit is typically more of an empty space that allows for produce or stock to be stacked and accessed easily.


How long does a commercial refrigeration unit last?

Typically a standard commercial refrigeration unit will last around ten years. However, with regular servicing and maintenance, some businesses may see their units last 15 to 20 years before needing to be replaced. This highlights the commercial value of contracting a commercial refrigeration company, such as Airkool, to provide ongoing support to your business refrigeration units.


Commercial refrigeration services

A high-quality RACHP company will be able to recommend the best commercial fridge or freezer units based on your needs, the nature of your business, space available and budget. At Airkool, our team of skilled commercial refrigeration contractors provide high-quality support for all commercial businesses with refrigeration units. Whether your unit is faulty or broken, or you are looking for a service for your unit, contact us and will be able to support you with the best options for your business. Similarly, if refrigeration is a critical part of your business, then you need peace of mind for any potential future issues. Our service plans can provide you with fast, quality on-call support in the event of any issues meaning you can minimise any downtime for your business.


Airkool Commercial Refrigeration

At Airkool, our team of experienced contractors are trusted to support hundreds of businesses with their commercial refrigeration needs. Whether you need a repair for your business’ refrigeration unit or are looking to schedule a regular service of your units, we can help. As experts in all types of heating and ventilation, we are also on hand for your commercial heating, ventilation, electrical or plumbing requirements. If you are looking for a leading RACHP company in Hull or East Yorkshire, feel free to get in touch or request a quote now.