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Published: 20/08/2021


Most of the time in the UK we long for Summer. Long hot days at the beach, family BBQs or simply sitting outside with friends and a few drinks seems heaven given the typical weather we have in the UK for 99% of the time. However, come the summer months often the reality is different from expectations and the heat gets too much too quickly. Some of the hottest temperatures on record have occurred in the last few years and when temperatures do peak, people look for the best ways to keep cool both in their homes and at work.

It's during these Summer months that we see more enquiries about both domestic and commercial air conditioning, often with one simple question. How much does air conditioning cost?

Well, our blog will hopefully give you some ideas on the average cost of installing air conditioning units.



The cost of air conditioning can vary due to several factors. Are you looking for a plug-in, freestanding air conditioning unit or a fixed air conditioning system that is installed within your home or office?

A standalone air conditioning unit can easily be moved around but requires a nearby plug socket which can be slightly inconvenient, alongside the fact these units can also take up precious floor space. on the flip side, however, these units can easily be put in and out of storage meaning you can bring them out when the weather heats up and put it back into storage as we head towards the winter months.

A fixed air conditioning unit is usually what is found in the majority of commercial premises, but we are increasingly installing more of these in domestic properties up and down Yorkshire. Fixed air conditioning units can be wall-mounted, which are useful in smaller spaces as they are out the way but still deliver great performance. Or they can be floor mounted for better circulation.

We also install duct air conditioning systems. typically, these are found in larger spaces and in driven by an external heat pump which delivers cool air throughout a space using ducting systems.



When choosing the best air conditioning system for your home or office it's important to consider the initial and short-term costs. Understandably, smaller units are typically less powerful, but this is reflected in up-front costs.

Larger systems - such as fixed or ducting systems - will have a higher upfront cost but will also require ongoing maintenance and servicing to keep these systems as efficient as possible. It's important to be aware of and understand any potential ongoing costs as well as the initial purchase of the air conditioning unit and installation.



The price depends on several factors, such as the type of system chosen but also the size of the space that system needs to cool. If you are unsure which system is right for you then speak to us today and our expert teams will be happy to help and advice on the best solution based on your needs.

Typically, a freestanding air conditioning unit price can start from £500 but this is only really suitable for smaller spaces.

If you choose a fixed air conditioning system, then these prices start from around £1,200 based on the size of the system and power required.

A ducted air conditioning system can vary dramatically based on the size of the space, and therefore the power and amount of ducting required. With these systems it's also important to consider the ease of installation. Replacing existing ducting, or, if there is already easier access such as a suspended ceiling is much cheaper than retrospectively fitting a system in older buildings. On average these systems can start around £2,000 but may be the best (or even only) option if you have a large space to cool.



This is a difficult question to answer as there isn't a one size fits all solution. It's important to consider the best air conditioning solution for your particular space. For big commercial properties, a ducting system is may be the best investment long-term to deliver cost effective, high performance. However, for smaller, domestic and commercial properties wall-mounted or floor mounted systems may be perfectly adequate for your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help.

Air conditioning can be a fantastic investment and prevent those hot, sticky days. It can make your home or workspace more comfortable which is also important for your employees and can improve productivity. If you are thinking about air conditioning and would like more information, then get in touch with Hull and Yorkshire's leading air conditioning company.