Rofin-Sinar UK Ltd

Rofin-Sinar UK Ltd

Airkool was engaged late 2014 to deliver the full mechanical package to Rofin Sinar which included air conditioning, ventilation & chilled water system.

After several months of planning, design and drawing changes we started on site, Airkool have designed a full mechanical package for Rofin in the way that the heat is recovered from their production test facility via a heat exchanger and utilised to heat the incoming fresh air for the offices also the excess heat not required is forced through a dry cooler before finally requiring chilled water a later stage.

The energy and finacial savings played a bit part of securing the project.

The customer was that pleased in the way Airkool approached the installation and the customer service we provided that we was awarded extra plumbing and electrical works in the factory as the client occupied each individual test facility. 

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