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Airkool. Training

Since Airkool started business in 1982 in some way or another we have been involved in the development of training and recruitment of young person’s through an apprenticeship scheme whether it is City & Guilds or NVQ.

In the early years we had to send our young workers to Grimsby College as this was the nearest College which dealt in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trade. Around 8 years ago we managed to find a closer and more local college which we could outsource our apprentices to and to this date it is working very well for us.

The college initially vets the potential students by way of various tests then they get sent to Airkool for a final selection interview, more often than not 3 or 4 apprentices are offered a full time position every year.

The apprentices are enrolled into an NVQ level 2 which involves both practical and theory work. The practical side can be learnt whilst working on site and the theory side is done at the college. There is also scope to further their education by moving on to NVQ level 3.

Airkool also employ an “in-house” trainer to help the apprentices further their knowledge and also train and refresh our junior engineers.

The idea behind the apprenticeship scheme is to help both parties involved and in the hope that our apprentices learn enough knowledge about their trade so they can think, behave and make their own decisions. Our aim is to make the apprentices competent enough so that in later life they can transfer their knowledge down the ranks.

If you are keen enough to join this trade please feel free to contact our office on 01482 371888.