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Energy Assessors

An Air Conditioning Inspection Certificate (TM44) became mandatory in January 2009 for all air conditioning systems over 250kw. Now in January 2011 it is mandatory for all air conditioning systems over 12kw to be regularly inspected by an energy assessor at intervals no greater than 5 years. These inspections only apply to air conditioning installed before 2008.

Building owners and managers who control air conditioning systems have statutory obligations and duties of care in the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. One or more air conditioning units within a building controlled by a single person are considered to comprise a single air conditioning system for the purposes of the regulation.

The regulation excludes mechanical ventilation systems that provide no mechanical cooling, refrigeration provided solely for process cooling such as cold rooms, pharmaceutical production etc..

The primary aim of the inspection is to give building owners and operatives the performance of the systems and plant they are operating to identify opportunities to save energy, reduce co2 emissions and cut operating costs.

The reports produced identifies low and no cost savings, capital investment opportunities, the size of the plant installed in relation to cooling loads and an examination of the current maintenance regimes.

The inspection consists of examination of the following where applicable:

  • System documentation
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Heat rejection equipment
  • Air handling units
  • Duct work
  • Water cooling
  • Outdoor air inlets
  • System controls

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